Workshop--"The Motion In Between"---Befriend Your Shadow with Somatic Intuitive Collage

"The Motion in Between lights and shadows is a dance--this dance is mysterious." INANNA
In this year's journey of discovering the unconscious with Somatic Intuitive Collage---exploring our shadows is our next adventure!
In our growing up process, we've made tremendous efforts to try to "fit in" to family, relationships, religious groups, organizations, and society, we suppress or disown certain parts of ourselves.....Yet, our soul has the natural longing to be "whole"--discovering and honoring these lost parts with images, listen to their needs, and embody them is a paradigm shift from "fighting with our demons" to "compassionate nurturing". Nurturing instead of fighting is the essence of Tibetan Buddhism "Chod" practice--an ancient spiritual tradition, and shamanic ritual to befriend the "demons".
Unresolved trauma can also be stored in our body as energy, like an animal lurking" in the shadow", seeking our attention......We need to "track the animal" and take care of it....
Shadow can also be casted onto us through generations, society; Shadow can be mysterious, too---if you believe in reincarnation, as a soul we carry past life excessive energies, or unfulfilled hopes and desires into this life to work through....If we can gain more understanding about our shadows, a clearer sense of "purpose" or "life path" may become clearer to you......
The Approach:
With Somatic Intuitive Collage, we will cultivate "body sensitivity" and "groundedness". with creating a safe container, we create intuitively without sensor of images, tap into the "taboo"-- we stay with any sensations and feelings that arise.
This workshop will explore our shadow and ally energy. Through our body, we will find the "motion" in between the two.
This workshop is designed for people who want to:
**Deepen your self understanding and growth---building a more intimate internal connection with the self.
**Feel more aliveness and energy
**Learn how to work with collective and personal imagery and symbols within a safe community setting
**Work with any "blocked" energy either in your creativity or in your life
This workshop will be held through zoom. If you have an interest, please send me an email : and I will send you the meeting link. or PM me through my facebook:
Materials to prepare:
Flat surface : may use paper or cardboard, etc.
Image sources - books, magazines, newspapers
Cutting implements - scissors, exact knife, etc.
Pens, pencils, paint, brushes for embellishments (if desired)