Intuitive arts invite me to take a journey. It invites me to surrender, to embrace the unknown and trust the flow.

Intuitive painting is nothing but a practice of surrendering. I think "surrendering" is the core of all spiritual teachings--to allow the amazing grace to flow ....

I had experienced a lot in my personal life, but as years go by, I am so assured that there is this invisible life force protecting and guiding me. I am left with no bitterness but with the feeling of deeply blessed. I am clearer than ever before that my life work is to give form to this invisible life force, to make the invisible visible, to reveal this vast and rich spiritual realm, which is so real and so eager to communicate with mankind. Through my image creation, I am devoted to deliver messages from this loving realm, to bring the world's attention to beauty, love and the possibility of complete healing!


I work as the Medium, the "Art Shaman", the "Soul Medicine Woman" who travels between realms, who brings the magical, the mystical , and the ancient back to modern life....

As a creativity coach, and expressive art facilitator, by creating sacred circles, I hold a safe space for a tribe of people who are daring to explore the Unknown, who are curious to explore the vast unconsciousness and make it conscious, who are committed to practice to live in the moment, who are willing to push their edge of inner growth, who say "YES" to actualization of their full potential , who are ready to embrace a deep, rich and extraordinary life, which is full of meaning!