Creating From Our Heart

Creating From Our Heart

Heart is a stage. We need to try all our best to keep this stage intact and create our life from here...


We need to constantly and consciously watch over what is going on on this stage. This awareness is the core for a conscious life. 


Emotional energies take forms and they become inner images. Because of trauma or karmic past, some images are strong and painful .....Without a strong compassionate observing consciousness, we equal ourselves with these inner images. They become a "fixation", and they run the show of our life. We feel powerless, helpless but being dragged by them, and repeat the patterns which we know are harmful...


With intuitive arts creation, we cultivate this strong compassionate observing consciousness----a presence which watches over our "heart stage": Whatever inner image arises, with its observation, we create an art form for it. Dialogue with it, write from it, listen to its needs and desires, take care of it pains, express its hopes....With this practice, we loosen the painful emotional fixations, and create a great freedom. This freedom enables us to become the "director" of the show running in our "HEART".......


This is how arts can empower our life. Arts-creation is not recreational: it is Soul Evolution.  


What roles are running your heart stage?What new roles do you choose to invite to come to your heart stage?  what show do you want to organize and present to the world from your heart?  This is a very exciting journey!!! Are you ready?