Dialogue between mind and brush (1)

Dialogue between mind and brush (1)

Mystery comes through "Accident" and "Resistance is futile".
What do you do to avoid "feeling"?
My mind told me today : " white brought up memories and feelings last week, maybe that is enough; try some other colour today." I started with some meaningless black circles; yet white is still calling. I started a few white dots--But a big "accident" happened right there and then: unknowingly, my knee pressed on a tube of white colour and squeezed half of it out on the floor....Forget about "enoughness", just go with white!
White comets, white splashes, everywhere .... a white mysterious "glaze" appear. A mysterious starry winter arrives....Again I am in that "effortless" flow....
Take it way slower when we start painting, noticing what inner dialogues are happening, what we are resisting......