Intuitive Arts VS Forensic Science of Trace Evidence

Intuitive Arts VS Forensic Science of Trace Evidence

I am a big fan of Dr.Henry Lee, world's leading forensic expert on Trace Evidence. He says when he comes to the crime scene, he needs to quiet his mind and come to "point zero"---becoming completely objective and let the trace evidence speak: In this way, the trace evidence will put the story together, speaking for people who cannot speak, speaking for the dead. Finally, justice can be done, funeral can be organized, people's heart can be comforted and they can grieve.....and eventually healing can happen.


I feel he is describing exactly the same state when we,  as intuitive artist, face our empty canvas: we need to quiet our mind completely, and come to "point zero"----allowing the images to come through us from vast unconsciousness....The images will put together a story from the unconscious mind: they will speak for the soul pieces which had been silenced, who was "injured", who was "cut off"or even the ones who were "killed".......when their stories have been told, when their tears have been seen, grief work can happen deeply on a soul level......


To do intuitive painting is to quiet the conscious mind, and become a "forensic scientist for trace evidence".......Heal the instincts and retrieve  soul pieces....The images will weave together a Soul Healing legend.......